When it comes to enabling a sustainable and future proof charging infrastructure at office locations, NewMotion charge points and installation process define industry standards. With a tailored solution for every type of office and the ability to cater for every type of electric vehicle, you won’t need to look anywhere else. Our specialised team will advise you along the way on the most cost efficient solution and with our online portal, you’ll be able to track the usage of your office charge points.

Insight and Control

With the ability to manage and configure everything you require online via our user portal - we redefine what total control means with regards to your charge locations. From managing all charge cards to monitor charging behaviours and patterns, you know that you’ll be running an efficient charging infrastructure. You’ll also be able to look into the charging activity on your charge point(s), kWh-usage, costs and CO2-savings, and have a detailed overview of all charging sessions activated with your charge card(s). Our email notifications even allow you to receive updates about the state for each charge point. With the ability to see who is charging you can reach out to the owner of the car or use our remote charge point control service to switch charging to another car. Learn more about all the services that come with a NewMotion charge point here.

Automatic Reimbursement

No need to invoice charge costs ever again. Simply set up your account and we will take care of the rest, we make sure that you get reimbursed for the entire costs for relevant charging sessions. You can even register cards for non-standard rates (e.g. free for employees). Learn more about the power of automatic reimbursement here.

Smart Installation of Charge Points

When we install charge points, we install smart. We gather all the relevant specific information about the electric vehicles at your office, and recommend the best solution to optimally set up the exact amount of charge points at your location. Having five electric vehicles, does not always mean you need five charge points. And what’s best? With our installation process, it’s always easy to add further charge points to your infrastructure. Find out what smart installation really means here.

A Charge Point Ready For the Future

When installing NewMotion charge points, you know that your future infrastructural needs are at the top of mind. With real time automated energy management, these are smart charge points that won’t overload or require any upgrade to your grid connection. Our Dynamic Load Balancing service makes sure that the available capacity of your grid connection is optimally used, all charge points communicate with each other, check the available electricity capacity and will distribute the available capacity amongst each other. These are charge points ready for the future.

EV Charge Point Ready For the Future

A Charge Point For Your Guests Too

NewMotion charge points are all about welcoming your guests. You can easily configure your charge point to be accessible by your visitors via our dashboard, and make it visible to public through our app. Our guest usage feature even lets you set custom tariffs. Be in charge!

A Charge Point All About Increasing Utilisation

With our extensive online portal, you know that you’ll be getting the most out of your charge point. From a detailed overview of all charging sessions on a respective charge point - information such as who has been charging for how long, and when will their car be fully charged. You’ll never have a charge point that is left idle for too long.

Paired with remote charge point control, you’ll be able to easily start and stop charge sessions on your charge points. In just a few clicks the charge sessions of electric cars that are fully charged can be stopped remotely. Then charge cables are automatically unlocked and charge points will no longer be occupied and other employees or visitors can charge their car right away.

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