Expanding your services for existing and future tenants is an important factor for housing associations, and with the growth of electric-mobility, it's vital to future proof your parking spots. The implementation of an electric vehicle friendly charging infrastructure also makes your properties more attractive.

Through our smart installation process you’ll be paying as you grow. We will install the most efficient amount of charge points required at your location. It’s also a breeze expanding the number of charge points you have installed in the future. It’s all about the best value for money and the simplicity of further expansion with NewMotion.

Split Billing

Through our split billing service, we provide the ultimate solution in addressing usage and billing concerns. Charge points you install at housing locations used by multiple people can be configured so that people are only paying for what they charge.

Maximum Utilisation

Little Parking? Many Tenants? No problem! With our understanding of charge point utilisation and charging behavioral patterns, you’ll know that with NewMotion you’ll always be maxing out the utilisation of your charge points.

Smart Installation of Charge Points

When we install charge points, we install smart. We gather all the relevant specific information about your location, and recommend the best solution to optimally set up your charge points. And what’s best? With our installation process, it’s always easy to add further charge points to your infrastructure. Find out what smart installation really means here.

Mutually Beneficial - For You & Your Tenants

As the demand for electric vehicle charging grows, our charging solutions make your property electric vehicle ready in order to attract and retain tenants. Provide your tenants the choice to charge smart and this is what we call a win-win!

EV Charging Solution for House Associations

Complete Charge Point Control

With our extensive online portal, you will get the most out of your charge point. From one single detailed view you will be able to see all charging sessions on a respective charge point along with information including who has been charging, for how long and when will their car be fully charged. You’ll never have a charge point that is left idle for too long.

Paired with remote charge point control, you’ll easily start and stop charge sessions on your charge points. The charge sessions of electric cars fully charged can be stopped remotely. Then charge cables are automatically unlocked and charge points will no longer be occupied enabling other tenants to charge their car right away.


NewMotion charge points are packed with cutting-edge hardware technology which is rigorously tested for safety and reliability. They are built to withstand the elements, external impact and meet the stringent requirements of the IEC International Standards for safety, quality and consistency. At the same time, they offer speed, convenience and intelligence all in an ultra-sleek, beautiful and durable design. Not only that, our charge points are backed by an extensive warranty plan. We stand behind the quality and reliability of our charge points.
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