With access to more than 80,000 public charge points, NewMotion has the largest charge network in Europe. Our charge card and app give you the ability to plug into networks in Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and more. With a continuously expanding charge network, you’ll never be too far from a NewMotion accessible charge point.

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Our charge card gives you access to the largest European charge network. Via your personal portal you get full online insights to all your charge costs. Plus you get access to a 24/7 helpdesk. With two-thirds of electric drivers across Europe using our charge card, the numbers speak for themselves. Best of all - it’s free! Get connected and grab your charge card.

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A mobile app for the masses. Our app allows you to find over 80,000 public charge points nearby and on the road. Get real-time insight on charge tariffs, charge speed and availability of public charge points. Start and stop charge sessions directly with the app on a large number of charge points and get notified when your favourite charge point becomes available again. Find out more about the essential app for all EV drivers.

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You can count on us. Here at NewMotion we are committed to your complete satisfaction, with a team of highly experienced support staff providing round the clock support to assist you when on the go.

Information About International Charging Prices

To find out more about the charging rates per country for AC (Alternating Current), and DC (Direct Current) charging, make sure to check the NewMotion Public Charge App (which can also show you tariffs per individual connector and give you an estimated price for a charge session at a specific charge point) or my.newmotion.com. The charging rates are set by the charge point operator and will be invoiced directly to you. To find out the rates set by NewMotion in addition to charging rates, access more information here.

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