Reside at an apartment complex? Or have a shared parking situation? NewMotion offers the perfect solution for you. If you have your own private parking spot, you’ll have security and full control over your charge point and the ability to assign access rights on who is charging at your charge point.

If you have a communal parking location, we work closely with your property owner to provide an infrastructure for charging electric vehicles.

Either way, you’ll always have a full understanding of your charging patterns, track your charging sessions, and be able to automatically reimburse the electricity costs that you used back to relevant parties.

Get in contact with us, and we’ll be happy to make sure your parking spot is ready for electric vehicles. If you reside at your own private home, find out how NewMotion can help get your home EV ready.

Split Billing

Only pay for what you charge. Through split billing, you don’t need to worry about any administrative hassle, or paying for charges that you did not activate. With our smart systems, you know you’ll only be paying for what you use.

Complete Insights on Charge Point Usage

With our online dashboard you’ll have a complete overview of all charge sessions on a charge point and the ability to manage guest usage - with the option to remotely restart your charge point, you won’t ever need to worry about maintenance.

Safe Charge Points

A charge point that has been rigorously tested, with IP54 certification for resistance to rain and dust, and vandal-proof with our IK10 certification you know a NewMotion charge point is there for the long haul. Read more about awards, safety and protection certifications and uptime of the charge points.

Charge Faster

Get your EV fully loaded faster. Charging with the NewMotion charge point is up to 8 times faster than your conventional 220V outlet, and prettier, with customizable colors you can always add your own personal touch to your charge point.

Charge 8 Times Faster

Charge on the Go

Not only do we provide the best charging experience at home, but also when you are on the road. Through our cooperations with the majority of charge partners and network providers our charge card give you access to the largest European Charge network. Discover the power of a NewMotion charge card.

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