Charge Card

What is a charge card?

The NewMotion charge card enables you to start a charge session when tapped at a charge point. Charge cards need to be activated before use and this can be completed via our app or There is also an option to request a key fob instead.

Our charge card and key fob can be ordered for free here. If you are a lease car driver and require a charge card, please contact your lease company directly.

How do I activate a charge card and charge point?

Download our app and follow the activation instructions for your charge card. Or watch this helpful video on charge card and charge point activation via

Why won’t the charge point recognise my charge card?

There are a few possible reasons:

  1. Have you activated your charge card? If not, please do so via our app or via your my.newmotion account.
  2. The charge point’s RFID reader may not have read your charge card properly. Although the reader is very precise, it can miss-read if the card is tapped too quickly. If your card is not recognised, try moving the charge card across the reader slowly and changing the distance between the card and the reader.
  3. The charge card communicates with a charge point through an RFID-chip. This works in the same way as contactless payments via bank cards. To avoid the wrong card being read, we recommend taking your charge card out of your wallet when you want to start or end a charge session to avoid “card clash”. For a handy alternative to a charge card, feel free to order a key fob instead.

I have received different charge cards, which one should I use?

You may have received multiple charge cards (e.g. with your charge point, with your car and/or from your employer), but you only need to use one of these cards to activate a charge session. If you have received a charge card from your employer or lease company then we recommend that you always use that charge card.

I lost my charge card, what should I do?

A new charge card can be ordered for free from our website. This charge card will have to be activated again before it can be used. To make sure no one else uses your lost charge card, please contact our Customer Service Team so we can make sure it’s blocked. If you are using a card from your employer or lease company (like those of our partners like MultiTankcard, XXImo, Travelcard, euroShell, Total, BP, Aral, etc) then we recommend contacting your employer about the steps to follow in case of a lost card.

What if I lose a charge card I received from my employer or lease company?

First, make sure to block your card by informing your employer or lease company. When receiving a new card and using automatic reimbursement, please make sure that you add your new card in your myNewMotion account.

Why do I need to connect a charge card to my charge point?

By connecting a charge card to your charge point, all sessions on this charge point will be registered and tracked. This can be useful for overview and analysis purposes. Also, this makes it possible to get reimbursed for your home charging electricity costs by your employer/lease company.

Could I have two charge cards with the same card number?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. It is important to note that charge sessions always need to be started and stopped with the same card, otherwise a charge point will not unlock your cable when you want to end your charge session.

What if I don't have a lease card (yet) and I want to set up reimbursement by my employer or my own company?

See lease drivers section.