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Charging on-the-go

We operate in 35 countries in Europe which means you should be covered for all your charging needs. To check if there is charging available where you are headed please refer to the EV Charging or Shell Recharge app.

Please refer to the EV Charging or Shell Recharge app to plan your journey beforehand. There are also colours that indicate the following:

  • Green – Available
  • Blue – Occupied
  • Red – Out of Service
  • Grey – Unknown

We try to strive for the best quality for our customers, however, we are dependent on data from other providers so in rare cases the information could be outdated. If you find an issue, please report it in the app so we can improve the information for everyone.

If you have a lease card, your lease company may send you a bill for charging abroad afterwards. We recommend checking this with your lease company prior to travel. If you have a private charge card you can charge abroad as long as your bank account details are connected to the card.

Unless you are sure that it is a public chargepoint, we do not recommend it. Please check with the provider to verify.

Yes you can but it's not recommended to use the charge points without information. Always check your EV Charging or Shell Recharge app for available charge points.

The EV Charging and Shell Recharge app and charge card gives you access to over 160,000 charge points throughout Europe. This is made possible due to different charge point operators supporting ‘interoperability’, which works very similarly to using your mobile phone whilst abroad. However, not all charge point providers are part of this ‘interoperability network’ which is why you won’t have access to all charge points. If charge point operators enable interoperability in the future, they will automatically be shown in the app.

The costs of public charging vary. We collaborate with many different charge point operators to grow and maintain our charging network. To be able to offer you a seamless charging experience throughout the entire network, we provide roaming services for which we charge a transaction fee of €0,35 with a maximum of 20 transactions per month. The actual charging costs may differ from local tariffs and tariffs can vary between charge points. To know exactly what your charging session will cost, you can easily check the actual tariff of the specific charge point here in the app.

*Tariff holds for both national and international charging, incl VAT.

Yes you do. This will all be visible in your monthly invoices. For example if you charged in three countries then you will receive three invoices.

Please log in to your myNewMotion account and navigate to the piggy bank icon. Here you can find up to 3 months worth of historic invoices.

There are a few possible reasons:

  1. Your card may not be activated. Open the app, navigate to the main menu and click on "charge cards". Here you can check the status of your card. If there is a tick next to the card number and it says public charging then your card is good to go. Otherwise, please see FAQ on how to activate a card.

  2. The charge point’s RFID reader may not have read your charge card properly. Although the reader is very precise, it can miss-read if the card is tapped too quickly. If your card is not recognised, try moving the charge card across the reader slowly and changing the distance between the card and the reader. This works in the same way as contactless payments via bank cards. To avoid the wrong card being read, we recommend taking your charge card out of your wallet when you want to start or end a charge session to avoid “card clash”.

  3. If you have tried all of the above and it still isn’t working please contact the charge point operator.

Block your charge card by clicking on ‘Charge cards’ in the main menu of your app. Then select the card you wish to block and swipe left. If you think your charge card is broken, please double-check that it has been activated for public charging and that your bank account details are connected.

To request a new card please follow the steps below that best apply to your situation:

  • EV charging app: contact us on +31880109500 or +44 (0)20 3868 1036 (UK only)

  • Shell Recharge app: request a new card in the app

You may have a filter on. Be sure to have the same filters on or off on both phones.

You can easily mark and save all favourite spots in the app. Simply navigate to your first planned stop and Google Maps will open. Then open the sidebar by clicking on the 3 dot icon in the top left of the screen, then click on add stops. You can add as many charge stops as you like. After adding each stop, press ready. Click on the dot icon again and save the route on your home screen. Congratulations you are ready to charge at your favourite spots while travelling.

If your card is enabled for Public Charging it should work on all public charge points within our network; however, we cannot tell if there are any restrictions set by your leasing company. We advise you to order an extra charge card from the Shell Recharge app before setting off on your journey but remember this will need activating with your personal bank account details.

Your charge card has a token inside which lets the charge point know where to send the payment for your charging session. Without the charging token in the card, it would not be possible to identify who was charging.

We also know that mobile phone reception can sometimes be patchy in certain areas of Europe. This is why we have also provided a physical card to give you 100% coverage of the network.

Navigate to the main menu and click on ‘More’. From the drop-down list please select the ‘Feedback’ option and complete the form.

Report an issue with a charge point by navigating to the charge point on the map and clicking on the pin. At the bottom of the "Charge point details" page there is a "Report an issue" link which will take you to our feedback form.

Yes. Using our charge card you will be able to use fast chargers, depending on your car type. To search for fast chargers, use the app and filter any charger >43 kW. Please be aware that prices for fast charging may vary from regular public charging. Information regarding prices can be found in the app.

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