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EV Charge Card

Give your EV drivers access to the NewMotion network, the largest charging network of Europe. By providing the NewMotion charge card or key, your customers can easily swipe and charge, wherever they go.

Are you a private driver and do you want to use the NewMotion network?

Then you need a Shell Recharge card. You can request this card through the Shell Recharge App.

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NewMotion EV Charge Card and Charge Key

  • Access to more than 180,000 public charge points across Europe
  • Online insight into charging sessions and costs
  • Charging costs paid by credit and debit card (Visa / MasterCard) and VAT-specified invoice
  • You can also fast charge - no extra charge card required
  • 24/7 helpdesk

We make your drivers life easy. Our charge card is also available as charge key. Attach the charge key to your keyring to always have it at hand.

EV Charging App

Find public charge points all over Europe and get real-time information including availability, charging speed and tariffs. Get notified if the status of charge points changes, e.g. your favourite charge point is available again. You can also start and stop charge sessions directly with the app on a large number of charge points.

Learn more about our app here.

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Interested in becoming an vMSP partner?

Profit from a complete white-labelled solution that enables you to offer a full range of driver services to your customers without having to invest in extensive development and operations.

Public charging cost

The charging costs for public charge points vary. We collaborate with many different charge point operators to grow and maintain our charging network. To be able to offer you a seamless charging experience throughout the entire network, we provide roaming services for which we charge a transaction fee of €0,35 with a maximum of 20 transactions per month. The actual charging costs may differ from local tariffs and tariffs can vary between charge points. To know exactly what your charging session will cost, you can easily check the actual tariff of the specific charge point in our Shell Recharge app.

*Tariff holds for both national and international charging, incl VAT.

With access to a network of over 150.000 charge points in the NewMotion network, planning your next trip just got even easier.