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These businesses went electric before you. Now it’s your turn to switch your corporate fleet.

In the last few years, many developments in the electric car market have taken place and a great number of car manufacturers have broadened their EV offerings. Even this year, plenty of new electric cars are going into production. Not only have car manufacturers burst into the industry, but other companies have joined the movement and traded their petrol cars for EVs: Europcar, BMW, Google and more. Read their success stories, motivations and benefits below.

Europcar - EV fleet extension

Europcar expanded their French fleet with 55 fully electric cars in 2016 and recently expanded their UK fleet to 85 EVs. The expansion brings Europcar one step closer to their goal of transitioning five per cent of their entire UK vehicle fleet to electric by 2020. Europcar’s decision to expand their EV fleet is a great and simple way to let their drivers meet affordable EV solutions.

DriveNow - New EV fleet range

BMW’s car-sharing service, DriveNow, is planning on adding fully electric BMW i3s to its existing fleet of electric cars. The range of the new EVs have increased to 160 miles, allowing drivers to travel longer distances in a sustainable way. BMW calls this a logical step towards their role to ‘help normalise EV use and contribute further to improvements in air quality.’

Amazon, Google and Apple - EV fleets for a sustainable future

The three largest tech companies have also entered the up and coming EV market: Amazon is partnering with Rivian, an electric car company while Google is working with Waymo, the self-driving taxi service. In addition, Apple has committed to the car tech project named Titan. The Big Three recognised the opportunity to invest in a sustainable and innovative future. By operating in a dynamic and growing market, their risk of falling behind today’s mobility trends will disappear.

This is why you should go electric

Investing in the EV industry is an important step to a sustainable future. Whether you invest in workplace charging or want to provide electric lease cars for employees, together we can build a sustainable future. Here are three reasons why you should follow these company’s footsteps:

  1. The electric car market is growing day by day, which means investments are prosperous. Since it is a growing market, your customers also expect you to be committed and show your contribution to a better future.
  2. With workplace charging, employees and customers will be happier in general. Workplace charging is efficient and convenient, saving both parties time searching for the nearest charging stations.
  3. The government is supporting the EV market with grants, subsidies, and incentives in order to lessen the upfront cost of infrastructure and to improve the air quality in cities. In addition, targets have been set for petrol and diesel bans by 2040, further speeding up EV adoption.

With the growing demand and implemented government targets, EV adoption is inevitable and presents a series of opportunities for your business.

Let’s power the e-mobility movement together!

Our network is the first in the industry to have reached the major milestone of more than 100,000 charge points in Europe. We are committed to powering the e-mobility movement aiming to always improve the experience for our EV drivers.

Find more information on how NewMotion can be your e-mobility partner.