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EV Charging Solutions for Dummies

EV Charging Solutions for Dummies

Switching to electric can be daunting if one is not aware of the range of products and services that come along with driving an EV. To keep you informed, we’ve crafted this blog with a complete overview of all our charge points, products, and several services, describing the benefits that they provide.

Charge Points

Despite some differences in speeds, costs, and services from one charge point to another, there are 2 important things that all of our charge points have in common.

1. Design & Safety Our charge points are leaders in terms of safety and design standards. With cutting-edge technology, we are always concerned with ensuring the utmost safety and reliability standards to ensure that our products perform well and last a long time. By meeting IEC International Standards of Safety, we guarantee quality and consistency. In addition, charge points are backed by extensive warranty plans including an online connected back office ready to help you with any issues that may arise. Whether you are installing inside or outside, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our charge points.

Not only is safety important to us, but also design. Our charge points are sleek, durable, customizable in various colours, and demonstrate high quality aimed specifically at functionality and utility. Our design standards were set so high that we were proud to have won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016.

2. Smart & Convenient

When purchasing one of our charge points, not only do you get the highest standard of charge points, but you also enable a variety of smart services that make your charging as convenient as possible. For example, via my.newmotion.com, you have a complete overview and insights into charging data, history, and behaviour. In addition, regarding billing, simply set up an account and we can provide automatic reimbursement for charging costs. The services that we offer with our charge points are almost as important as the technology behind our products and range within business and residential charge points.

Depending on your charging situation and location, we offer different types of services to cater to your needs.

Residential Charge Points For charging at home, we provide three different types of residential charge points. No matter your parking situation, in the garage or driveway, we provide everything you need to charge your car at the convenience of your own home in the fastest way possible.

Business Charge Points In our business line, we offer two charge points - Business Pro and Business Lite. When it comes to providing sustainable and future-proof charging infrastructure for business locations and car parks, we define industry standards. No matter what office location and type, we will cater to every type of vehicle so that employees and colleagues have a place to fill up during work hours. Along with our online portal, managing, optimizing, and tracking the usage of office charge points is as convenient as ever.

Using Charge Points The first time you approach a charge point, you may be slightly confused as to how to operate. To help ease you into this process, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs relating to charge points. You can discover how to activate your charge point and charge card, how to start and stop a charge session, and much more.

For an overview of all FAQs, click here.

Charge Card When you order a NewMotion charge card, you gain access to the NewMotion charge network - the largest public charge network in Europe. You can request a charge card and immediately gain access to several benefits such as:

  • Access to more than 80,000 public charge points across Europe
  • No subscription fee - you only pay for charging
  • Online insights into your charging sessions and costs
  • Charging costs paid by direct debit and VAT-specified invoice
  • Fast charge possible - no extra charge card required
  • 24/7 helpdesk

To order your charge card and access our European wide public charge network, please click here.

Public Charge App With our Public Charge App, you can locate and access over thousands of public charge points across Europe. Through the app, take control of your charging sessions by accessing real time information about charge point availability, speed, and price. Simply set your car model and use our search filters to find the most optimal charging location for you. Easily initiate start & stop charge sessions through the app and get real time notifications on whether your favourite charge point is occupied or when a charge point will become available again.

To download our Public Charge App for free, access the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple).

Group Charge App For business locations, our Group Charge App helps companies and employees optimize their usage of company charge points. The inconvenience of fully charged EVs remaining plugged in for extended periods of time disappears with the use of this app. Employees and companies gain several benefits that create a positive charging experience for all.

Employee Benefits

  • Employees can join charge queues and receive notifications when charge points are available.
  • Easily get in contact with colleagues via chat functionality.
  • Notify others when a car is fully charged but still plugged in to free up space for others.
  • See real time status of the charge points’ availability and who is occupying the charge point at that moment.

Company Benefits

  • Provide an efficient communication channel for employees to improve convenience of charging.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership.
  • Increase utilization of charge points by 200%.
  • Maximize a fleet’s total electric kilometers.

To download our Group Charge App, access the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple). To watch a video on how the Group Charge App works, click here.

Your Charging Solutions Now that you have a general overview of our products and services, making the decision of which charge point is the best for your situation is as easy as ever. Our charging solutions page gives you an overview of the charging circumstances with advice on what products and services would work best in your situation. To ready your location, please click here.