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Multi-Family Home Charge Points

Recharge your electric car from the comfort of your couch

The perfect charging solution for every EV driver just in the garage of your multi-family home

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Our speedy charge points recharge 6 times faster than standard wall plugs.



Relax. Our online platform lets you remotely control your charge point from anywhere in your home.



Stay current on the flow. See and track your charge history, energy usage, and costs with a simple click.



Give other people exclusive access to your charge point— if and when you choose.

Personalise your charge point

Choose your favourite colour

Eye for design? Match your charge point to your vehicle or just choose your favourite color. Select any RAL Classic colour starting from £78.

The displayed colours can vary from the finished colour depending on your monitor and brightness settings

Hardware Features

NewMotion Advanced



Compatible with all EVs


Bluetooth® Connexion

Internet Connexion



RFID Authentification

3 benefits of having a charge point at home

Start your journey fully charged, at 100% everyday

No need to stress about where the next charge point will be. Charge your car at home while you enjoy that morning coffee you can’t ever drink.

Drive affordably for an optimal charging experience

Charge at the advantageous home energy tariff, and benefit from even lower tariffs by charging overnight.

More than just a charge point, enjoy the full package

From the charge point, to the management platform, support services and an app for on-the-go charging: with us, you'll never run out of charge.

Your home charge point installation journey

  • Step 1

    Online installation survey

    This is the moment where you can let us know how and what exactly you want for your charge point: where do you want it installed, which colour… all online

  • Step 2

    Confirmed quote

    We will send you a breakdown of your order. Once it's approved, we will get in touch to schedule an installation date

  • Step 3


    Your charge point will be mounted and connected to your mains power supply ready for use, typically takes about 2 hours

  • Step 4


    And the most exciting part: the first charge. The installer will do a quick demonstration and after activating your products online, you’ll be able to start charging your EV

For those constantly on the move
For those constantly on the move

For those constantly on the move

With NewMotion you'll never run out of charge. Access Europe’s leading public charging network with just one single card or app. Find the nearest public charge point available and use the card to charge anywhere you go. It's really that simple.

Newbie in the EV world?
Newbie in the EV world?

Newbie in the EV world?

We know that joining the e-mobility movement can be a bit daunting, but that's why we're here to support you in this exciting journey. Check our Support page for any questions you might have or our News & Updates section to learn more about EV charging.

Most common FAQs

  • The charge time depends on the battery size of your car and the speed of your charger. Your dealership will be your best friend on this matter. They will be able to provide you with further information based on which car you have ordered.

  • You can remotely start and stop charging sessions via our online platform myNewMotion. There, you can also track and monitor charging sessions and configure settings such as reimbursement tariffs and access.

  • Usually, it takes up to 6 weeks to install your charge point.

    Don’t worry, we won’t let you in the dark. We’ll continuously be in touch with you on the exact timelines from the moment you order.

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